Toying with some top sexual fantasies

sexual fantasies

It’s always nice to show your significant other, or sexual playmate, that you appreciate them, and there are some very simple ways that you can demonstrate this appreciation; for example, an obvious method would be to touch upon some of their sexual fantasies – and if you’re looking for exciting ways to ignite your sex life, then the idea of role-play to act out these dreams may well be for you; it’s safe, fun and sure to get your imagination flowing.

Role-play is a very common sexual pastime, and so easy to implement – have a think where your sexual scenario will take place, then choose a fantasy which will go well with that environment. It’s a good idea to undertake some character building before you begin, so obtaining a few props and for the closet sexy costumes is a great idea. You don’t need to spend lots of money to participate in this, however; you can easily enter the world of role-play; all you need is something sexy and provocative, an item that will raise your confidence levels.

For The Closet Lingerie sets or sexy for the closet panties will give you an instant boost, so not only will you feel hot, you’ll also look hot! Get ready… and relax, as there are a whole lot of fantasies to be explored, and if you don’t get into it straight away, then that’s okay; practice makes perfect, and there’s no better way to have fun – whilst strengthening your relationship, too.

It’s fair to say that there’s probably a touch of voyeurism within us all; it’s part of human nature to want to watch others undress with a slow and sexy striptease, or perhaps pleasure themselves. There are many common fantasies that revolve around both voyeurism and exhibitionism – for instance, it isn’t uncommon for people to want to watch others have sex; after all, this is why the porn industry is so huge, of course. So why not give your partner a show that they won’t forget in a hurry? Take out your favourite for the closet sex toys and show them how you like to be pleased; let them watch your expert skills as you wield your for the closet vibrators, – not only will they find it incredibly arousing, but they’ll also be taking mental notes, so they themselves can pleasure you in all the ways that you like and which never fail to bring you to orgasm. There is a natural pull to voyeurism and exhibitionism, and it grants you a sexual freedom to express yourself in any way that you choose, which feels great!

I’m sure this type of titillation has been – and will be – around until the end of time; it truly offers an insight into how the human psyche works; without the interest in taking a look – or putting on a show – and pleasuring ourselves for the purpose of our partner’s gratification, then the world would be a far sorrier place for sure – especially as it all not only results in an intense shared sensuality, but it’s also highly probable that because of this, your evening will explode into a torrid night of passion… one that brings you both closer together, both physically and mentally!


A Guide To Bullwhips!


So… when the word “whip” is mentioned, there’s a good chance that you’ll be actually thinking of For The Closet BDSM gear and the bullwhip; after all, this is the type of whip which popular characters like Indiana Jones and Zorro wield. These for the closet whips truly mean business – and it’s for this reason that this guide to for the closet bullwhips exists; they’re certainly the bad boys of impact play, and therefore, they do need to be used correctly, because they can cause severe injury if you don’t have sufficient practice with regards to operating them.

For The Closet Sex whips can be dangerous and the bullwhip is by far the most hazardous of all impact toys; this item certainly falls into the category of “RACK”. A lash from a bullwhip produces intense pain, because unlike other whips, or spanking implements, a bullwhip only targets a small surface area; thus, the pain is concentrated, making it harder to tolerate. In addition, bullwhips can be difficult to control – it’s recommended that you practice first on cushions, or something similar, before progressing to applying the whip on people; it’s definitely advisable to perfect your technique beforehand, to avoid any potential harm resulting from mishaps such as wrapping of the whip, which occurs when the tip of the whip stretches to a more sensitive part of the body, and impacts this area. Any kind of sex whip can also cause lacerations to the skin and deep bruising, too.

It isn’t a good idea to share whips between partners either; the materials used in constructing the whip are often porous, and so, combined with possible cuts, can spread infection and disease between playmates. They can also have a nasty habit of ricocheting back at you, so keep an eye on where the tip of your whip is at all times.

So now we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, let’s concentrate on why this type of whip is so popular – and the answer is elementary: they simply mean business! You can produce an amazing, portentous “crack!” when using these whips, accompanied, of course, by an acute, intense pain, but there are certain techniques which will assist you in perfecting your style:

The Circus Technique is what most of us consider when wielding a whip; pull the whip up and forwards, and then strike your target on the way back down. You need to bring the whip up, and over your shoulder, in an ‘S-shaped’ motion, thereby increasing power and momentum. This is an impressive, and somewhat tricky, manoeuvre, which is why it’s vital that you practice on teddy bears, or cushions, before attempting to administer this blow to anyone. The overhead technique requires the forearm and elbow to be aligned; the whip is behind you, and as you pull it over your shoulder you hit your target – slowly and carefully does it with this action at first; you can always increase your intensity.

The Reverse Snap, however, is the procedure which will truly grant you Indiana Jones status! It’s actually easier to master if you have a long whip than some of the other techniques, yet it’s possibly the most impressive move. You circle the whip over your head, then pull back on the handle and strike forwards…. this manoeuvre should be reserved for a time when you’ve truly mastered the art of handling the bullwhip, as it can precipitate some heavy impact.
In summary, the thing to remember is this: as long as you put in the practice and attain a perfect aim, then there is a wealth of deviant decadence to enjoy when using one of these for the closet floggers!

Romantic Gifts for Him and Her

Romance needn’t be just about flowers, chocolates, dinner dates and wine!

Let For The Closet give you some ideas that are guaranteed to spice up your love life. Incorporating sexy gifts which both you and your lover can enjoy into your relationship will allow you both to take a step back from the hustle-bustle of daily life and give the two of you some essential downtime with one another, a respite that will undoubtedly re-ignite the spark that brought you both together in the first place.


Why not attract your lover’s eye with some sexy forthecloset nightwear? Whether you’d prefer to leave something to the imagination or go for a bare-all bonanza, there isn’t a more provocative way to say “I want you!”. Materials such as satin and lace can accentuate curves, and some slinky nightwear incorporates padded cups, to supply that extra va-va-voom! Team it with black lace suspenders and stockings for a truly seductive look which certainly won’t go unnoticed!


Let’s be frank – regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl, Forthecloset Body Jewellery is hot! Spending some time selecting an item of body jewellery for your loved one is a thoughtful gesture, as well as letting them know that you find them hot and sexy, and that you desire them! There are some beautiful designs out there; from nipple clamps to belly bars, body jewellery suits everyone, and makes for the perfect token of appreciation.


If you arrive home before your partner, why not have a special surprise treat waiting for them? You could unwind with a night of role-play, express your wild side and let your imagination run wild with adult fancy-dress and Forthecloset Sexy Costumes! There is a lot to be said for taking on new identities, sexy costumes come in a variety of figure-hugging material, from PVC uniforms, to full lacy skirts and cute sheer basques; the world of adult fancy-dress and sexy costumes knows no bounds – the only limit is your imagination! Of course you mustn’t forget, there are many types of male costume on the market too; Your man could be a do-gooder cop, a handsome doctor or your very own super-hero! Male costumes are just as much fun when it comes to adult fancy-dress, so why not select each other’s sexy costumes for the evening?



Nothing says “I love you, and cherish you” more than wearing something sexy in anticipation of your partner coming home to a very warm welcome. Forthecloset Wet look leggings are a great way to show off your curves, guaranteed to capture your man’s attention in no time at all; swing your hips from side-to-side, and embrace your inner sex goddess; take your time to beguile and seduce your partner – not only will wet-look leggings make you personally feel sexy, the sight of you wearing them is sure to have the desired effect on your man!

Also, a note to the guys: style can be everything; check out the latest in Forthecloset Menswear; your partner will be sure to notice the extra effort you have gone to to look good for her. Stylish menswear can be a seduction within itself; don’t let your style slip – this is a gift that keeps on giving.