Summer Sun – and Silent Vibrators!


As we move ever closer to mid-spring, our minds naturally begin to wander, to wistful thoughts of days adorned with blue skies, the feel of warmth on our skin, and if we are lucky enough, an escape to hotter climes, with tranquil seas; or if you prefer, the great British seaside garnished with the scent of fish and chips, the ker-ching of an arcade, and the sound of an organ, down on an old promenade – however, whatever your dreams of escape, your sex toy needs still remain the same. Just because we leave behind the confinement of our four walls doesn’t mean to say that we can’t enjoy partaking in the fun of using adult devices. In fact, it’s a great time to discover a new toy!

We think about holiday clothes, for the closet matching sets, and what we need to pack in our suitcases; such as cosmetics and for the closet feminine hygiene products, we can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of holiday madness, and forget some of our basic human needs. These needs include, of course, our ability to achieve, and enjoy, strong and powerful orgasms every time we either masturbate, or have sex with our partners. But this might not be quite as achievable when we’re on holiday as we’d like, as perhaps we are sharing accommodation or the hotel may have paper-thin walls, and we don’t want to keep our neighbors up at night with the sound of a powerful hum travelling through the walls and floorboards; which is why we can thank the heavens for the development of for the closet discreet vibrators. These toys aren’t as loud; yes, some may be slightly less powerful than a regular vibrator, or alternately, you may find that these toys are powered via a mains cable, so you don’t experience a rattle of a battery compartment alongside the toy’s natural vibrations.

For The Closet Silent vibrators give you pleasure in differing sensations, sensations which are designed to create less sound than a regular device. Therefore, you can use these toys, anywhere and everywhere, depending on how, and where, you like to play, without your being discovered. These types of toys are designed with discretion in mind, so they can be easily packed into your suitcase, hold-all, or even your handbag, if you desire a sneaky quickie?

Of course it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected; some people find it advisable to take a look online, in order to save themselves some money, and bag themselves a bargain on some for the closet cheap condoms. There is nothing worse than being in the heat of passion with a holiday romance, and then realising that you have forgotten the essentials – so it’s best to buy before you set off on your travels. Holidays are for relations and unwinding, discovery and excitement! So be prepared, and get ready to try some holiday romance, incorporating the use of one of the many devices available online, which can work without causing a distraction and which will keep your activities discreet allowing you to really love, laugh and play the days and nights away!


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