Men’s Sex Toys: Catching up with the Ladies!


It isn’t uncommon for people to assume that the sex toy industry is overwhelmingly dominated by the design, and manufacture, of for the closet sex toys for women. However, according to the results of a recent study, undertaken by a global statistical analysis website, you’d actually be mistaken to believe such a thing. The study revealed that forty-two per cent – yes, almost half – the for the closet adult toys purchased online within the United Kingdom were, in fact, for the closet sex toys for men. Many of the leading sex toy developers in the country are extremely proud of the fact that they provide top-end, quality products for both men and women.

When those statistics were first released, they demonstrated that the market for these devices has tripled in the last five years. The men who tend to invest the most in their adult devices are often in their thirties and forties, busy career professionals; equally, a similar number of them were in a relationship to those who weren’t.

When interviewed, some guys shed some light regarding why they thought that the number of men buying such items is increasing each year:

They gained sexual confidence;

They didn’t have enough personal time to maintain a working relationship;

They harboured a desire to experiment both with and without their partners;

These items allowed them to opportunity to fulfill their fantasies in a controlled, and above all safe, manner.

In this social world of smartphones, bars and other community gathering places, it is believed that both men and women buy their toys from reputable for the closet sex toy shop online. Further research ascertained that most females are fussy; on the whole women don’t want any old sex toy, they desire a decent standard of sexual performance from their purchases, and so opt for choices which have stood the text of time, such as rabbit vibrators – as performance is highly important. Male toy designs are equally as slick and professional in design; they look good, and can certainly perform!

The days of just women wanting a quick fix with a selection of  vibrators are long gone; both men and women like the control and fulfillment that these toys can give. When ordering online, you are assured of a quick and discreet service, which is safe and secure, and many of these stores will offer great member benefits whereby you earn extra discounts, alongside free shipping and tracking on orders that qualify by being over a certain amount. There are so many benefits shopping online for adult items, it is something which we all should try and import into a regular shopping routine a little more often, as there is so much we can learn about pleasure and sexual gratification which we can then bring into our sex lives and share with our lovers, so things never get stale or old; it keeps the spark and excitement of a new romance fresh within our love life; after all, it’s bonding, and yet also liberating, at the same time!



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